Connect google cloud phpmyadmin from remote machine over ssh tunnel [Step by step]

Connect Google cloud compute engine from a remote windows machine. The solution proposed is without allowing access over the internet. Follow the step by step guide.

Generate ssh key (ppk file) using putygen (putty key generator)

Download puttygen from

Move the mouse and get the key generated

Save the private key in local computer (from where we intent to connect from)


Upload public key on GCP compute engine

Navigate to compute engine > vm instances > select <your instance>

Go to meta data and click on SSH Keys

Click on edit button and then     add new item

Establish ssh tunnel

Open putty and enter [email protected] eg:[email protected] under sessions (click save)

Navigate to ssh > auth (from left hand side menu) and browse the private key file, we have saved earlier. Go back to session and click save

Then navigate to ssh > tonnels

Enter source port 8080 (can by another open port in your local machine eg:8888, if 8080 is in use)

Destination localhost:80 (localhost:443, if you are using ssh)

Click add button

Go back to session pane and save. And click open

Our ssh tunnel is now ready.


Access the phpMyAdmin console through the secure SSH tunnel you created, by browsing to

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