Differentiate between region, availability zone and edge location

Here we try to understand different connection points which will explain aws connections. The region, Availability zone and edge location are three different terms used in aws. 


Is a physical location, anywhere in the world. consist of two or more availability zones. Europe is an example of a region for aws

Availability Zone (AZ’s)

AZ is a data center, with its own power and n/w connectivity (mostly redundant). Different availability zones in a region will be used as an alternative when there is a loss of data connection or power source (eg: As a result of a natural disaster). Europe region has eg: Frankfurt (3), Ireland (3), London (3), Paris (3) as their availability zones

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Edge locations

Edge locations are endpoints, of CDN, where they cache content. CloudFront edge locations are located around the globe, where the content will be cached for faster delivery. Eg: a user from Sidney access an asset from a data center in London, the image will be cached in  Regional Edge Caches: Sydney and for the consecutive access from that regeon, the asset will be supplied for this cache.

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