Download files from a remote server using ssh

Let us try out a way to rsync (recursively download remote files from Linux shell) over ssh. Over ssh rsync works super cool and there might not be any issue in this.

This is the command

rsync -avzhe ssh [email protected]:/path/to/remote/directory ./localpath

rsync is a Linux utility for incremental file transfer

  • -a = all
  • -v = Show non-printing characters
  • -z = gzip
  • -h = Human Readable sizes (KB, MB, GB)
  • -e = editor

The remote server part

the user is the ssh username then “@” followed by remote ip address, “:” and rote directory

After the remote server part put a space followed by the local directory path(where we intend the file to be kept)

Find more details about rsync here

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