Internet of Things

Internet of things is a collection of physical devices networked together which enables data exchange between these devices. Physical devices like temperature sensors, electronic devices, vehicles home appliances etc. extends the opportunity to integrate the physical world and computer-based systems. In short, the internet of things (IoT) extends internet connectivity beyond the standard devices.

The THING  might be Drone, Mobile Device, Quantified, Self Sensor Things, Wearables or Xcoffee and/or anything with an IP address.

Days of internet availability on Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones and devices like that has now been replaced with connectivity on so-called technically dump devices physical everyday objects. IoT’s has got commercial as well as consumer applications.

Consumer applications

Consumer applications of IoT include, but not limited to smart home, wearable devices, and appliances with remote monitoring/ control capabilities. In an example scenario, a wearable health device collects essential data, which will then be shared with your doctor, which helps to more care outside the hospital premises.

Commercial applications

IoT can is useful in the integration of communication and control of Transportaions systems, monitor and control electronic and electrical systems inside builds and many more

Industrial applications

IoT allows seamless integration of industrial manufacturing devices by sensing, identifying, communicating and networking with the different set of physical devices involved in the process. Integrated smart manufacturing system could be connected to a smart grid, to optimize energy in real time.

By collecting the data related to rainfall, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, IoT can help in automating farming.

Deployment of IoT in the management of cities like Songdo is a perfect example of the metropolitan scale implementation of IoT.

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