Using Filezilla for Linux over command line

Recursive file upload/download using sftp account from a linux command line interface. Using FileZilla over command line is the easiest solution.


The below simple command will install FileZilla client for Linux

[[email protected]~]#  yum install filezilla

After the installation has finished, connect to sftp server. Use the below commands

[[email protected]~]# sftp [email protected]

#Enter user’s password when prompted

Wil show you sftp> where the sftp commands should go

Downloading from remote sftp server

navigate to the desired remote directory using cd your/dir/path

sftp> cd your/remote/path

sftp> get file.ext
# Above command will download your/remote/path/file.ext from the remote server to local/current/location/file.ext to your local machine
# Let us try a download which involves directories and its contents (recursive)

sftp> get -r files/*

The above command will start downloading all the files/directories under the directory, files

Uploading to remote sftp server

To upload a local file, use put command

sftp> cd your/remote/path

sftp> put file.ext
# Above command will upload local file, file.ext in local machine to your/remote/path in the remote server
# Let us try a  recursive uploading (which involves directories and its contents)

sftp> put -r files/*

# The above command will recursively upload your/local/dir/files/contents to remote directory your/remote/path

Note: The writer is a web developer located in the Kingdom of Bahrain

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